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on the phone on the speakerphone i said a nuclear attack submarine called the body of christ corpus christi. can we do something in mike was drinking at the time and he said it seems like a stupid reason to kill yourself but by monday he obviously went around to president reagan they call the city of corpus christi and the guy had a cheeseburger. [laughter] these things can be worked out. king of the country diana wanted to go back to the chance to go over there to come back the next day was not a fun trip i figured there were not many republicans that had an interest. that was a shot but deaver probe beyond the playing with lionel hampton for the whole trip. people and he would save four months after that matthews built this country. [laughter] i thought he overdid it but it was great. this is the lionel hampton. a big republican big leaders in the york four years as the honorary chair and he is playing this states go marching in on a xylophone in the handicrafts' section of the airport that was quite a trip but other things like my wife was an anchorwoman covering the g-7 in williamsburg
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1